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Rusko live at new daisy theater Memphis Tennessee August 30

Rusko: While DJ and dubstep producer Rusko has spent most of his career producing work for others, he’s come into his own in recent years as a dubstep icon. After making a name working with Caspa, Rusko began creating a signature style of upbeat dubstep that utilized more BPS. This unique style can be found on Rusko’s first solo album, O.M.G., which released in 2010, as well as on his remaining tour dates in 2011.

A Leeds native, Chris Mercer, aka Rusko, received his first in-depth exposure to dustup while attending the Leeds College of Music; in particular the campus “Sub Dub” events. After graduating, he moved to London to work with Stingray Records, which is where he met fellow DJ Caspa. Caspa led Rusko to the Dub Police, a label that would release his debut single, “SNES Dub.” After releasing a few singles, Rusko released his debut EP, Babylon, Vol. 1, which began to show his developing, lighter dustup sound. Rusko released his breakout single, “Cockney Thug”, in 2009 and it began to by DJs around the world, including heavy hitters like M.I.A. This led to Rusko collaborating with M.I.A. on her 2010 album, Maya. Later that year, the DJ released his first solo album, O.M.G., which was incredibly well received by his fans.

Fans excited by the album may be a little disappointed in the sparse amount of tour dates Rusko has in 2011. This summer, Rusko has only three tour dates in the North America; the first at Camp Bisco in Mariaville, NY. Rusko will then head to the WEMF festival in Ontario, Canada before ending his 2011 tour dates at the N9NE Fest in Tucson, AZ. With so few 2011 tour dates for Rusko, fans that are lucky enough to attend a concert date should buy their tickets soon.







Event details at!

Its the BIG 10 for electric zoo, labour day weekend !



About Electric Zoo

Established in 2009 by Made Event, the internationally renowned Electric Zoo Festival is one of New York City’s largest music festivals and features the top names in electronic music, bringing a wide variety of acts from around the world and across the spectrum of electronic music’s various sub-genres. International editions of Electric Zoo have taken place in Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai and São Paulo. This year’s 10th annual New York edition, themed ‘The Big Ten’ will take place on Aug 31/Sep 1-2 at Randall’s Island Park.

About Electric Zoo: The Big Ten

All those moons ago, who’da thought that the weekender that roared to life on NYC’s Randall’s Island in 2009 —which featured a fresh faced deadmau5, a pre-cake Aoki and the late-great Frankie Knuckles—would become a household name in the global dance festival scene?

We’ve come a long, long way together, through the hard times and the good. From our earliest expeditions through the chaotic urban jungle, to scaling the feral lands of the Wild Island, and getting our minds blown by the gritty 6th Boro. What a ride it’s been!

Since our first outing in 2009, we’ve been welcome all across the globe, taking our brand to Shanghai, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Mexico City.

But New York City, baby, you’ll always be our home.

From your great gleaming skyscrapers to your filthy-a** subway. The neon lights of Time Square to the fading memories of Coney Island. From the famous fuggedaboutit wiseguys to the lifelong friendships forged on dance floors. New York, you are the Big Apple in our eye, and our constant source of inspiration. It’s been an honor to make you dance.

2018 is Electric Zoo’s 10th birthday, and we’re going to make sure that this is the biggest, wildest fiesta that we’ve ever thrown down! #EzooTen will be a blow-out of epic proportions, featuring the world’s finest DJs and most mind-melting production in the heart of The City That Never Sleeps.

We are preparing the biggest party New York City has ever seen. At Electric Zoo: The BIG 10 we want to dance with all of our friends at once. All the hardcore heroes from the past decade, and the fledgling fauns making their first trip to the island. We want to see the old skool trance tigers, the crunchy bass bears, the techno penguins, and the classic house hippos, all returning to the watering hole to shake it out again, and soak up the infectious vibes.

We can’t wait to dance with you again New York!