EDM outfit Krewella has a boisterous style that draws upon numerous dance music subgenres, including dubstep, hardstyle, progressive house, and trap. The group was formed by sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf in Northbrook, Illinois, a small town north of Chicago. They got together in 2007 — originally as a trio featuring Kris Trindl — but didn’t release their first material until 2011, when they uploaded a handful of songs, including the jagged and celebratory “Life of the Party,” to their SoundCloud page.

It’s begun. With the announcement of their forthcoming EP, Ammunition, as well as their newest single “Beggars,” as well as a heartfelt video from Yasmine, Krewella is back in full effect for 2016. The sisters are now looking to embark on a fall tour called “SWEATBOX” that is sure to live up to its name with smaller, more intimate venues for fans.

The tour will consist of 16 dates, and because of the small capacities of each venue, tickets are not immediately available for sale. Instead, fans will have to request tickets and hope that they’re randomly chosen.

Allnighters happy to announce krewella’s live appearance in Miami October 6th, in Churchills Pub Miami for there tour sweatbox,